What happened in 40 days of Har Harey Haree Meditation For Creativity

IMG_0294This Har Harey Haree meditation came up as a 11-day global sadhana to ignite your creative fire. And it’s utterly gorgeous, so my 11 days blossomed into 40 days.
Despite the promise of creativity, the effect of chanting Har Harey Haree for 31 minutes every day didn’t have me vigorously painting on every surface in sight. I didn’t make much headway into my children’s book project either. I did find myself sewing quite a bit, but that might just have been the novelty of my new sewing machine (IT’S AMAZING! So far I have made a curtain, two dresses from my Indian kurtas and a white headband for yoga).
But a very notable thing it did do for me was give me a real sense of clarity and trust in life. Existential doubts about my role in the universe (‘What am I doing? Is it any use? Am I doing enough? Should I be doing something else?) were eclipsed by a shrug, a ‘meh’ and a ‘yes, everything is perfect just as it is’.
I’ve been researching this meditation and there are a number of cherries on the Har Harey Haree cake:
1. Creativity: The mantra echoes the creative process. Har is the germination of an idea – the twinkle in the eye – at the sacral chakra. Harey is the action taken through the navel chakra to bring that idea into the world. And Haree is the ta-dah! finished product, the manifestation of the idea. It’s the vibrated word at the throat chakra. Wahe guru is an ecstatic celebration of this delicious creative process at the third eye and crown. So of course by chanting it, you’re aligning yourself with the creative flow of the universe.
2. Prosperity: It’s presented as a Meditation For Prosperity in the Aquarian Teacher Training manual. Did I have more prosperity? Yes. My social life blossomed wildly, and I had much more energy and inclination to engage in different things. I had lots of meals out at really gorgeous places like this, and there was always a bouquet of fun invitations to do different things. Did I get any wealthier? Yes, I won £100. Ha!
3. The way through any block: In Yogi B’s Mind book (pictured above), this meditation provides guidance, clarity, and a way out of anxiety. This was definitely the strongest element for me. No worries, just an unshakeable sense that everything is exactly as it should be.
Nish did this meditation with me, and he did it for 11 minutes rather than 31. He’s always great with prosperity meditations – it shows up for him as a real fragrance of abundance in his life. His verdict: ‘I had a continuing sense of wellbeing, and felt that there was more than enough, I didn’t need any more.’
Big stamp of approval, and a highly enjoyable experience! I recommend it.
Sat nam x

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