What happened in 40 days of the Opportunity & Green Energy Set…

Opportunity and Green Energy SetI would love to be able to tell you that I’m writing this from inside a rich, spring-green glow of endless opportunity, draped in emerald malas, with a bottomless cup of golden milk in my hand. I thought the Opportunity and Green Energy Set for Prosperity would be a great kriya to kick off 2018, to usher in success, prosperity and fulfilment. But it didn’t quite go as planned… 

Oddly enough, January, which held 31 of the 40 days of this delightfully beautiful, varied, energising and interesting 45-minute kriya, was the quietest month I have ever had in my life! See, Nish and I had made plans to go travelling at the start of the year and I had totally cleared the decks; no workshops, no classes, so social events. So when we had to cancel the trip just before Christmas, I was looking at a pretty hush-hush month, apart from White Tantra in London shining at the end of it.

IMG_1652No worries, I comforted myself. We’re doing the Opportunity & Green Energy Set. I’ll just sit back and relax and let all that green energy flow. And so I did sit back and relax. But nothing much flowed in physical terms – apart from a CAT (happy dance!!! Beloved Daisy who’s full to the brim with love and fluff and is actually a very big deal and worth a million days of Opportunity & Green Energy Set)!

But in amongst the tumbleweeds and kitty cuddles and bowls of mung beans (I was on a kitchari fast too, like last year), I discovered acres of time to decompress, re-assess, recalibrate and reorganise. And I practiced playing my sarangi every day, getting well back into my naad yoga saddle and completing Grade 1 of my naad yoga qualification. High fives – it’s taken me long enough!

So not quite the opportunities I had expected (oh come now, Gem, you’ve practiced KY long enough to know NOT to expect!), but this kriya is incredibly sweet and generous in a very introspective, internally enriching way. And, most notably, it has flung my heart wide open (assisted by Daisy, of course) and has imbued life with a very positive charge. I can highly recommend it as a 40-day journey – just lose the expectations and learn to see opportunity in a new light!

The glorious Daisy

Here’s a quote from Satyananda Saraswati’s book Kundalini Tantra which is pertinent, as this kriya is very much about expanding the heart chakra: ‘In anahata (heart) chakra, the freedom to escape from a preordained fate and to determine one’s own destiny becomes the reality. According to the tantras, at the root of anahata, there is a wish-fulfilling tree and when this tree starts to fructify, whatever you think or wish comes true… All sorts of thoughts concerning the body, children, wife, family, monetary, social, economic or political situations come to us all the time. If kundalini is asleep, these thoughts have no power, but when kundalini awakens in anahata chakra, all these thoughts suddenly become realities.’

Sat nam x


6 years ago