Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain

What happened in 40 days of Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain…

Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain
Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain from 3H0 website

What an utter delight is Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain. It has just the right combination of energetic, core-strengthening, aura-building kriyas balanced by a sweet meditation and topped off with a delicious variation on savasana. It’s such a great reset and is well worth a 40-day commitment just to experience its super-shiny effects.

I wasn’t altogether sure about what ‘Master Your Domain’ might mean. There’s another translation of Sahibi Kriya to mean ‘Control Your Domain’, but I went with ‘master’.

I read it as Master Your Life.

Nish read it as Master Your Home.

After practicing it daily for 40 days, I’ve realised it to mean (for me, at least) Master Your Body.

With all those leg lifts and leg/arm lifts, my core is STEELY! And I really feel the expansive effects of said lifts on my electromagnetic field, too. This practice has cemented me firmly as the bright, shining nucleus of my electromagnetic field, and consequently, my life.

A strong navel centre has much to do with this. When the pulse of our navel centre is off, then we are off… off kilter, off balance, and even off on our digestion. Feel it with your fingertips just below the belly button. It should be strong and centred – and it certainly will be after you practice Master Your Domain! Yogi Bhajan said that if our navel pulse is too low down from the belly button, we suffer from diarrhoea.

This practice is truly a beautiful reset to give you strength and resilience to face any challenge. It gives a real sense of ease, grace and strength to face any challenges head on. Please do try it, if not for 40 consecutive days, then for 11 to really experience its effects.

Sat nam x

6 years ago