Manager meditation

Setting up unshakeable boundaries with 40 days of the Manager Meditation

I didn’t realise the Manager Meditation was all about establishing strong, healthy boundaries until around 20 days in. Then I reread the notes and thought ‘Aha! But of course!’. The Manager Meditation balances the relationship between our negative mind (protector, defender) and our ahamkara (ego, me-ness). The notes say: ‘This aspect defends and preserves the balance of your identity and your projected roles under the pressure of actions, and under the influence of the expectations of others. It actively sets boundaries in relationships.’

During my 40 days of 31 minutes of the Manager Meditation, I witnessed the establishment of boundaries in so many areas of my life. Where I felt it most was in finishing my MA dissertation. For the last push, I needed total focus. In order to focus, I had to clear the decks and say ‘no’ to quite a few things. Hilariously, this meditation lead me into myriad situations of prosperity! I found myself inundated with proposals for this project or that venture. This was where I really had to assert my boundaries. I would have LOVED to have said yes to many of those projects. But my dissertation was calling. By taking anything else on, I would be spreading myself too thin. I knew that ‘No’ was the right answer.

Honouring my boundaries felt quite uncomfortable in the early days of this 40-day journey. I found myself in situations where saying ‘no’ was not what I wanted to do, but was what I knew was right. However, as I approached the 40 day finish line (and D-day for my dissertation) I was owning those boundaries with grace and discernment. It felt great, and very clear.

In short, 40 days of the Manager Meditation is a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed it. It’s always interesting to see how a 40-day kundalini yoga meditation will unfold, how it will translate into life experience, what lessons it will gift.

And, in other news… I have finished my dissertation and handed it in! More on that in a later post…

Sat nam! x

4 years ago