Short kundalini yoga classes | YouTube

Practice with me on my Kundalini Yoga YouTube channel.

Come to kundalini yoga classes wearing comfy clothes appropriate for movement.

We’ll begin the class by tuning in with the mantra ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ – I bow to the guru within me, followed by a protective mantra, ‘Ad gurey nameh, Jugad gurey nameh, Sat gurey nameh, Siri guru devey nameh’. Don’t worry if you don’t know the mantras, you’ll soon pick them up as you come along to more classes.

We then do a kriya for whatever theme we’re focusing on that day. A kriya (which literally means ‘cleansing’) is a specific group of exercises that contain any combination of movements, breathwork, mantras, music and mudras (hand gestures). Some of it’s tough, some of it’s easy, but it’s always a journey into a greater awareness of yourself.

Then we tune out with a blessing and by chanting ‘Sat Nam’ three times – it means ‘Truth is my name’.

6 years ago