Wednesday 17th November 2021 | Meditations and Mantras to Release Cellular Stress | ONLINE

When: Wednesday 17th November 2021, 7-8.30pm UK time
Level: No experience necessary
Where: ONLINE with The College of Psychic Studies
Reserve your place: HERE

After animals experience a sudden fright or adrenalin spike, they shake it off. Us humans, however, tend to keep it in. Our social norms tend not to accept a sudden explosion of shaking as a response to stress. So many of us are carrying years of unprocessed tension in our body.

The pressures of life, dietary and environmental pollutants all contribute to increased stress levels in our body. We may not sense it on a conscious level, but it shows up in not allowing ourselves to be fully embodied. We struggle to fully inhabit our physical body.

In this meditation class, we use sacred mantras and physical movements to slough off deeply held stress from the body.

This is an opportunity to deeply relax on every level of your being, to nurture yourself and reignite your body’s innate capacity for self-healing and rejuvenation.

The transformative power of mantra has been acknowledged since yoga’s earliest beginnings in the Vedas. According to those early yogis and rishis, mantra is the most accessible and easiest way to enlightenment. It is such an important tool, especially as we navigate the difficult times of Kaliyuga – the dark age in Vedic astrology.

Sacred mantras have the power to switch us out of negative thought-patterns, to reset our energetic field, to recharge us and raise our consciousness. They are a key that unlocks a deeper knowledge of the Self.

This class welcomes everyone: beginners, seasoned meditators and yogis alike. All you need to bring is an open mind and willing spirit. The class includes movement and chanting. You are welcome to sit on a meditation cushion on the floor or up on a chair for these practices – the emphasis is on comfort!


3 years ago