WED 26 OCT 2022 | Kundalini Meditations to Activate the Third Eye | ONLINE

When: Wednesday 26th October 2022: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Level: No experience necessary
Where: ONLINE with The College of Psychic Studies
Reserve your place: HERE

There is an innate wisdom within each of us that knows exactly what choices to make and which direction to take in order to find true fulfilment. It’s our intuition, and its ‘home’ is our third eye chakra, or ajna.

Our intuition knows our soul’s purpose and how to achieve our destiny in this lifetime. It knows exactly who we are, and the unique gifts that make us shine. It is our higher self, our inner guru. It is that same source that we tune into at the start of each kundalini meditation session with the mantra: ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’, which translates as: ‘I bow to the divine wisdom within me’.

It’s not always easy to see through the third eye. All the noisy fuss and drama going on around us and inside us tends to cloud our intuition. If there’s one thing that blocks our third eye chakra, it is stress – the inevitable side effect of living in these changing times.

In this livestream kundalini meditation class for the third eye chakra, we will be cultivating a deeply soft, sweet state of openness and receptivity. In this place, we may have a direct experience of our own inner guru, the voice of our intuition. We can experience the extraordinary light of our being.

The practices in this class are drawn from the kundalini yoga tradition and include guided movement. You are invited to sit on a chair or the floor, with an emphasis on comfort.

Beginners are welcome.


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