WED 25 MAY 2022 | Meditations & Mantras to Open the Heart | ONLINE

When: Wednesday 25th May 2022, 7-8:30pm UK time
Level: No experience necessary
Where: ONLINE with The College of Psychic Studies
Reserve your place: HERE

We are born with our heart wide open, deeply trusting and loving. But as life happens, with all its ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, we lose that connection with our heart and we start to live from our head.

Fear, anxiety and insecurity begin to govern our life choices and that inner heart-felt intuition is gradually muted.

In kundalini yoga teachings, the home of the soul is the heart, and by losing our connection with our heart’s wisdom, we lose the way of our soul’s path. By re-establishing our connection to our heart/soul’s wisdom, we find fulfilment and joy.

In this meditations and mantras class, we practice techniques to reforge that connection and open up our heart. Releasing fear and blockages that prevent us from living a heart-led life, we can discover our soul’s purpose on this planet.

The practices in this class are drawn from the kundalini yoga tradition and include guided movement. You are invited to sit on a chair or the floor, with an emphasis on comfort. 

Beginners are welcome.


3 years ago