What happened in 40 days of Khyan Karab Kriya as a partner meditation…

Gemma Bliss Any kriya that commandeers the help of the almighty Mul Mantra – that collection of sacred syllables that vibrates the very foundations of our non-dual reality – is set to be pretty earth-shatteringly transformational. And Khyan Karab Kriya is perhaps even more supersonic as it draws on the power of partner yoga (if you choose to do it with someone – you can also practice it solo to equally supersonic levels) amplifies its effects.

Nish and I first came across this meditation at White Tantra a few years ago, where we practiced it for 31 minutes. Take a deep breath, chant the Mul Mantra out loud on your exhale, hold your breath out as your partner chants the Mul Mantra at the same pace. When they finish, inhale deep and continue the process as your partner holds their breath out, a bit like chanting a seesaw. Tantric Mool Mantra by Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa and Guru Prem Singh Khalsa was played – it has an adequately speedy pace which you’ll appreciate when you’re holding your breath out!

We chose to take it on as a 40-day challenge, and my, did our lungs expand! Aside from that, during the practice, a beautiful symbiotic relationship started to weave us together, and that deepened as the days wore on – specifically during the practice, but in our daily life, too. During the 31 minutes, our breathing and chanting became inherently linked, which we both feel strengthened our connection. We kept our eyes open and held each others’ gaze for the meditation, as we were taught in White Tantra, which really did intensify the feelings of trust and mutual support. 

There’s something so strengthening about a daily partner practice – it really seems to bolster us as ‘me, you, we’. Aside from all the benefits of the meditation itself – oxygenated blood, youthful appearance and fending off senility (all wins in my book and we certainly did feel energised and clear) – it brings us the most beautiful moment of togetherness in the morning. It’s the ‘qualitiest’ of quality time. 

So yes, highly recommended either as a partner meditation or solo. Your lung capacity will definitely expand, which means more prana, more energy, more healing! If you do this meditation alone, simply inhale, chant the Mul Mantra and then hold the breath out as you chant it again mentally at the same pace. Inhale and repeat.

Sat nam x

When Yogi Bhajan was taught this meditation, his teacher said: “Sit down in an easy posture: look like a man of God and think a good thought.” In this meditation, holding the breath out flushes and purifies the blood, which is excellent for ridding the body of disease. In addition, there are four main yogic claims for practicing this meditation:

  • Not only is the blood purified but it has more power to absorb oxygen so that the main functions of the bodily organs gain a special kind of strength.
  • It prevents senility in old age.
  • You will not project the signs of old age either through your skin or your features.
  • You will not grow fat.

Posture: Sit in any comfortable meditative position with a straight spine. This can be practiced alone or in partners.

Mantra: Mool Mantra. Inhale deeply and chant the mantra; hold the breath out and vibrate the mantra mentally at the same pace. Inhale and begin the sequence again.

Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam,
Kartaa Purakh,
Nirbhao, Nirvair
Akaal Moorat
Ajoonee (pause) Saibhang
Gurprasaad. Jap.
Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach,
Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach

Eyes: 1/2 closed, 9/ lOth closed or completely closed.

Time: Build to 31 minutes. When 31 minutes is reached, you will have a sensation of weightlessness for about 10-15 minutes after completing the meditation.

To Practice in Partners: Sit facing one another, as one partner holds the breath out, the other chants the mantra aloud; then the roles reverse. The second person holds the breath out as the first inhales and chants the mantra aloud, and continue.

6 years ago