Instructions for Gobinde Mukande

A 40 day love affair with the Guru Gaitri mantra aka Gobinde Mukande

Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare Hariang Kariang Nirname Akame: Sustainer, Liberator, Enlightener, Infinite, Destroyer, Creator, Nameless, Desireless.

Some powerful words right there.

I’ve come across so many claims over the years regarding the Guru Gaitri mantra aka Gobinde Mukande. It can be used as a prosperity mantra, as a meditation to hoover up subconscious fears, as a gateway to Source energy / universal flow. It’s a mantra that expresses the eight aspects of the infinite and is a great all-rounder. In short, whether you’re struggling with life or not, Gobinde Mukande is a good shabad to have around.

This mantra has seen me through this past 40 days. I’ve been practicing it as a 31-minute meditation to balance manas x negative mind (courtesy of The Mind book). One thing is for sure: after 40 days of 31 minutes of progressively tightening mulbandh with every word x 8, my pelvic floor is steely.

I have felt very grounded and embodied over these past 40 days. This has been my come down from 1,000 days of kirtan kriya and I have felt the immense difference between the energy of the two meditations. I would get lost so often in the naad labyrinths of Kirtan Kriya, but not at all with Gobinde Mukande. It holds me right here in the now.

I would love to linger on this one a little longer, but after dedicating 1,000 days to one meditation, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop again and I’m all about tasting different flavours right now!

Sat nam x

4 years ago