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Supersonic energy levels and Chloë Sevigny’s legs (!!): what 52 kundalini yoga frogs a day can do for you…

yogigems frog poseFrog pose is kundalini yoga’s answer to a double espresso: that slovenly mid-afternoon slump doesn’t stand a chance. Frog pose also instantly boosts your mood – it’s an all-natural pick-me-up. It shifts the energy from the lower triangle – root, sacral and navel chakras – up to the higher centres, which is guaranteed to totally transform how you feel, a bit like shaking up a can of Sprite.

On a physical level, frog pose is a mega leg-toner and strengthener. Want kneesyogigems kundalini yoga frog pose and thighs of steel? This is your go-to. Watch out for tweaky pains behind your kneecaps though. Make sure your feet point in the same direction as your knees to provide extra support and if it’s too much, only come down half way or use a chair to press your fingertips onto and let your imagination finish the job for you.

My friend Ewa has been doing 52 kundalini yoga frogs every morning to kickstart her day…

Ewa on her daily practice of 52 frogs:

‘A frog pose a day keeps energy blocks at bay… I do 52 frogs each morning, but began with 26 when I started this practice about six months ago.

‘The concept really dates back over 10 years when I began doing yoga every morning, encouraged by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living course. My teacher encouraged us to do running on the spot to get the heart pumping. I kept this up for years, but must admit that age has taken its toll. My knees are not what they used to be and they suffer from the impact of running. Doing the frog pose in my kundalini yoga class gave me the idea of replacing the running with the frog pose, no impact and one sure is out of breath afterwards.

‘Besides, it helps clear the energy channels and free them from blocks, enabling me to go with the flow of life. I have recently gone as far as ditching my wristwatch – this is a huge step for someone who used to be very controlling and organised. Frog pose is simple, quick and easy to fit into my daily yoga routine, and is definitely worth the effort. It gives me vital energy to tackle the day ahead.’

Ewa DonnachieEwa Donnachie aka the Finnish Philosopher is a mum and yogi who writes a great blog about her spiritual adventures and returning from London to her homeland of Finland. Find it here

To perform frogs, squat down, raising the heels and keeping them touched together throughout the movement. Place your fingertips on the floor in front of you, between your legs. Inhale, to raise your hips and straighten your legs. Exhale and return to the squatting position. Continue 26 times, working up to 52 once you’re as practised as Ewa.

Sat nam x

7 years ago