These 10 foods can raise your consciousness…

IMG_3692 Yes, yes, we are what we eat and all that. But this tasty little list tells us what foods help with strengthening our nervous system, opening our heart, stilling our mind, nourishing our brain and balancing our system. A strong nervous system means a deeper capacity to ignite our potential, to really show up for our life and live to our highest calibre. So fill your boots on these…

Almond – Nourishes the brain and heart

Banana – Rejuvenating, aphrodisiac, increases semen, good for skin, appetizer, blood purifier, mentally soothing, strengthens nerve tissue, soothes ulcers

Basil leaf – Increases devotion (Wow! I could not be more devoted to this sublime herb!)

Celery – Nerve nutrient, lowers blood pressure

Date – General tonic, increases semen, cools entire system, soothes colon

Ghee – Brain and nerve nutrient

Honey – Rejuvenative for nerves

Licorice root – Tonic, cook with wheat and red dates for anxiety

Lotus root and seed – Nutritive tonics, hormone balance

Olives – High trace mineral content, brain nutrients, good for immune system

And bless your food by chanting Sat Nam (truth is who I am) three times before tucking in. Bon appetit!

Information from KRI International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual Level 2 • Life cycles & Lifestyles, p103

6 years ago