Alex Grey Ocean of love bliss

How to meet your partner’s needs through the chakras

Alex Grey Ocean of love bliss
Ocean of Love Bliss (2009) by Alex Grey

Karta Singh once gave us a fascinating summary of our relationship needs as women and men according to our chakras. I’ve never found one that’s as comprehensive, so I wanted to share it. I’ve transcribed my notes exactly here… 

MULADHARA (Root/1st chakra)
Woman needs CARE (make her a cup of tea, look after her)  
Man needs TRUST (‘I trust you, it’ll work out’)

SWADISTHANA (Sacral/ 2nd chakra)
Woman needs UNDERSTANDING (‘I get you, no matter how irrational your idea sounds’)  
Man needs ACCEPTANCE (accept his sexuality, go beyond ‘I don’t want’ to ‘I accept you’)

MANIPURA (Navel/3rd chakra)
Woman needs RESPECT (when she demands something, respond immediately)
Man needs APPRECIATION (boost him, he is vulnerable, saying something that touches his ‘wound’ (his sense of failure) will not help him)

ANAHATA (Heart/4th chakra)
Woman needs DEVOTION (‘How can I support you? I’ll drop everything for you. I’m here for you.’ Ask how you can support her, regular signs of attention, tell her you love her often)
Man needs ADMIRATION (admire him without judgement. Admire the effort he makes, no matter how small, even in the middle of depression)

VISUDDHA (Throat/5th chakra)
Woman needs VERBALISATION (she needs to hear validation. She has the intuition, so support and validate her ideas by agreeing. Trust her intuition and she’ll trust it too)
Man needs VALIDATION (needs her to say yes to his ideas. If he comes to her with his ideas, he needs her to approve them)

AJNA (Third eye/6th chakra)
Woman needs REASSURANCE (join her in her vision, tell her she’s doing the right thing, that it’ll work out fine)
Man needs ENCOURAGEMENT (‘I see you failed and I recognise that next time will be better. I’m behind you all the way.’)

SWADISTHANA (Crown/7th chakra)
Both need Divine LOVE, Unconditional LOVE, Ultimate LOVE

If anyone with similar has anything that I have missed, please email me on and I’ll add it in – thank you!

6 years ago