Calibre for constant self authority

When life throws tsunamis, do the Caliber For Constant Self-Authority

Calibre for constant self authorityWith all the tidal waves of change washing over our planet, politics and lifestyle, I find this meditation to be a real oasis of steadiness. It offers 22 minutes of respite, of deep connection to the unfaltering core of your self. And the breathing pattern – PURE JOY! Words don’t do it justice.

Not so long ago, I fasted on a monodiet of kitchari for a month. It takes a hefty dollop of self discipline to weather this fast and from my previous experiences of the kitchari cleanse, some ‘stuff’ can come up as the detox works its way into the deeper levels of my physicality and psyche.

I wanted to take up a meditation to support my journey, to stay dedicated to the cleanse and to strengthen me to face my shadow – whatever that might look like.

Step in, this beautiful jewel. Over the month, it gave me such unfaltering steadiness; in my morning practice, in my dedication to the cleanse, in my attitude to facing whatever ‘lurking krakens’ that the detox ushered up to the surface. My daily practice blessed me with serious unwavering confidence and an attitude of ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

Do yourself a favour and pick it up as a daily practice for a while… if not for 22 minutes, then 11, each one of those minutes will be a diamond in your day.

Sat nam x

7 years ago