WED 5 JAN 2022 | Meditations and Mantras for Prosperity | ONLINE

When: Wednesday 5th January 2022, 7-8:30pm UK time
Level: No experience necessary
Where: The College of Psychic Studies, online
Cost: £22 / £25
Book: here

Make 2022 your year of abundance and prosperity!

In this 90-minute livestream class, we will explore meditations and mantras to bring prosperity, success, abundance and joy to our life.

Together, we will practice techniques drawn from the tantric tradition of kundalini yoga to seal the energy of prosperity in the body and aura in order to magnetise opportunity and joy.

The transformative power of mantra has been acknowledged since yoga’s oldest roots in the Vedas. According to those early yogis and rishis, mantra is the most accessible and easiest way to enlightenment. It is such an important tool, especially as we navigate the difficult times of Kaliyuga – the dark ages.

These mantras and meditations have the power to completely switch us out of negative thought patterns, to reset our energetic field, to recharge us and raise our consciousness.

The practices in this class are drawn from the kundalini yoga tradition and include guided movement. You are invited to sit on a chair or the floor, with an emphasis on comfort. Beginners are welcome.


3 years ago