Yoga what?

yogigems squat 1Developed some 4,000 years ago, yoga is a tool to guide you to a healthy, happy, more aware existence. It teaches you to quiet the noisy chatterings of your mind in order to more effectively respond to the chaotic, chattering world around you.

Yoga can help develop physical fitness, alleviate depression and anxiety, ease suffering from chronic health conditions, and control weight issues, addictions and insomnia. It can develop self-awareness and sensitivity towards your environment and can teach you how to deal with stress – something that affects everyone living in a city.

Kundalini or fettuccine?

Kundalini yoga is a technology that combines asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), sound, mantra (chanting) and meditation to enable a more harmonious existence.

As there are more than 8.4 million kriyas or exercise sets, and an infinite combination of these, every class is completely unique, and will work on a different aspect of your physicality and spirituality.

These kriyas are geared towards raising the kundalini energy, which harbours your infinite potential as a human being. By awakening and raising this energy through kundalini yoga, you are projected into new heights of awareness and infinite possibility to live your best life and be the best version of yourself you can be. Kundalini yoga untangles the knots of your subconscious, breaking ingrained patterns and creating the space for new, healthy ones.

What’s the difference between kundalini and hatha?

There are 22 types of yoga, all of which exercise an aspect of the whole yogic philosophy; hatha yoga (which is conventional bendy Wendy yoga) emphasises the use of the body, laya and mantra yoga emphasise sound, yantra yoga uses visuals. All these forms of yoga aspire to one common goal; union of the finite to the infinite. Kundalini yoga is a raj or royal yoga that combines aspects of all these types of yoga.

Kundalini yoga has a strong emphasis on meditation to achieve an awareness of your true essence. Most of each class is practiced with your eyes closed. It leans heartily on physical movement and mantra, which are acknowledged by Yogi Bhajan (who brought kundalini yoga to the West) to be the most effective way to realise your self.

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