When: Wednesday 8 January 2020, 12-4pm
Level: No experience necessary
Where: College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington, London, UK

A good section of the kundalini yoga teachings are dedicated to activating prosperity in our life. While physical prosperity and abundance are a side effect of these sacred meditations and kriyas, they are not the main goal. What the prosperity practices download us with is the capacity to recognise our own divinity, and in turn the crucial role we play in co-creating our destiny and the infinite potential we have within us to manifest and achieve. This workshop reveals the prosperity practices of kundalini yoga, clearing the path to realising our birthright of abundance and fulfilment. We will learn the kriyas that rise above belief systems of lack and unworthiness, and establish us firmly in the vibration of abundance plenty.  It’s in this place that we attract to us all that we need in order to fulfil our purpose on this planet.

This workshop is for everyone, regardless of level or ability. All you need to practise is an open mind and willing spirit. You may find some of the movements challenging but always worth your best efforts. There will be chairs available for those who find it uncomfortable sitting on the floor/yoga mat for extended periods of time. Please wear comfy clothes appropriate for movement.


10 months ago